FILMMAKERSPOND.COM – YOUR ONLINE BRIDGE TO DOCUMENTARY CONTENT is a platform facilitating cost-effective international co-production of film projects - mostly of documentary nature.

Whatever your film project, business or show business, here is a "pond" full of unique filmmakers telling the stories with passion and great skills. From the pitch through the shoot up to the final cut.

Each of our filmmakers - producers is a multi-skilled artist who will give his creative input at every stage of the production process to make sure your film is told in its own and unique voice.


BBC, Discovery Channel, TNT, History Channel, Nescafe, Swarovski, Merck, Sony Ericsson,  BMW, Unilever FoodSolutions, Mamaison, Holiday Inn, Opel, Danone, Spencer Stewart, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Real Campanhia Velha and many more...

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