Dedicated branded documentary content

Dedicated Branded Documentary

What is it?

Every company is just much more than their products or services. It is the ongoing story created by people and for people. We bring on board our documentary set of tools and we make sure that this story sees the light of the day. In other words, it is a documentary entirely about you.

How do we do it?

It is simple really. First, we come up with the best conceptual angle to tell your story, and we discuss it with you. Then, we bring camera crew to your company, or any other place you wish to show, and we film. And finally, our post production team takes the film for processing, and gives it a last, unique touch. Voila, your film is ready to conquer the hearts of the viewers.

Dedicated Branded Documentary service is perfect for:

Companies and brands

Small, medium and global companies and brands. Because every company has a unique story to share.

Charitable organizations

An important mission requires an authentic and moving vision. We are here to create that for you.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations

We will create the documentary content that will mirror the importance of your message, whether it is to the public or other organizations.


For musicians, writers, bands, for all those great individuals, that make our world a better place. We're always happy to translate those stories into the language of film.


For all individuals who need the voice to tell their own personal story, We're here for you.

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