About us

Aims and Objectives

In recent years we have witnessed the growing divide between client expectations and the existing model for film and video content production. FilmmakersPond's aim is the production of original, personal, authentic and cost-effective documentary content that truly works.

Our Office

Our headquarters is based in one of the most energetic and vibrant European cities - Warsaw. Our filmmakers however are based in distant parts of the globe, from Switzerland and Stockholm, to Los Angeles, Mexico City and Kuala Lumpur. You name it - we're there with cameras.

We are a modern documentary studio, that works all around the globe.

  • Documentary specialization
  • Grand filmmaking expertise
  • Creativity
  • Wide outreach
  • Friendly on set atmosphere

What we do

We believe that filmmaking is changing. Shifting curated and over thought content to authenticity. We specialize in a filmmaking genre that is the very meaning of authenticity- documentary.

Multi skilled talents

We see narrow specializations as a symbol of a past. All our talents are crafted filmmakers with expertise in many parts of filmmaking process: from shooting and directing to editing.

Small crews

We believe that large film crew on documentary set may in fact have a strong negative impact on intimacy most desired on documentary film sets. We prefer to work on small, up-to-3-people crew, and create the friendly and intimate atmosphere that will result in authentic film.

Cost effective solutions

Small crews, net of hand picked multi-skilled filmmakers around the world, multi-language team, and well organized film sets - all are budget friendly solutions.

Three branded content options

It is up to you what kind of branded content suits you the best. We give options, you choose!

How are we different?

We work only with hand-picked, multi-skilled, and very experienced talents, that are not only fantastic filmmakers, but a reliable and professional business partners as well.

We believe that good documentary does not require huge film crews. Quite the opposite. Small team equals better atmosphere, personal approach and authentic film result. Not to mention the cost effectiveness of our production style.

We are all friends here. FilmmakersPond.com was created by people and for people. We believe that people are endless source of inspiration, it just takes a right filmmaker to get that inspiration out.

We are happy to hear about your project and send you a quote!