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Dedicated branded documentary or sponsorship? We give options. You choose.

Dedicated branded documentary

For brands, companies and organizations with a stories to share.

One theme, many filmmakers branded documentary

For brands and companies in need of international and unique storytelling voice.

Brand our documentary

For brands and companies that look beyond most common promotional and marketing techniques.

We  offer


High quality of film production is as important to us as the story itself. We pride ourselves in high production value in terms of both, technology and storytelling.

Cost effectiveness

Small, yet experienced and multi talented teams are all you need to produce a stunning film experience for your customers/viewers.

Human approach

Our films are made on small film sets allowing us to create a relaxed and not stressful atmosphere, a friendly environment for both, the participants and filmmakers.


The most wanted, achieved only by skilled filmmaking ingredient of modern documentary. A documentary must have.

We cover

Concept development

From the idea to the script. The very soul of every film - creative concept.


The film director - a talented individual, who will give a personal and unique touch to your film. Many of our filmmakers received awards for film direction among other skills.

Film shoot

The visual side of your film. All our filmmakers are skilled and up-to-trends camera operators and DOPs.

Full Post Production

The final stage of production. Our in-house, very experienced, and always ready to add additional value, post production team is a quality assurance for your film.


Every film needs a professional marketing support on the net. What makes us different from creative agencies is that our marketing team specialize in film marketing with a whole set of tools that are meant to support films, not advertisement.


Miles traveled

To shooting locations

Countries visited

On four continents

Documentary projects

Just last two years

Not quite convinced yet? Well, let our projects speak for themselves.